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Fig. 5

From: ENVE: a novel computational framework characterizes copy-number mutational landscapes in colorectal cancers from African American patients

Fig. 5

SNP array-based performance estimates of ENVE and Control-FREEC in detecting sCNAs in tumors. a Median number of genes with sCNAs, as detected by ENVE and Control-FREEC in the WES data, along with their median percent concordance with SNP array-based sCNA calls. b Number of genes with sCNAs (Y-axis) in each sample (X-axis), as detected by ENVE (blue) and Control-FREEC (red), in AA and TCGA CRC WES datasets. Significant sCNAs as detected by the Partek Suite were used for comparison in AA CRCs, while for TCGA CRCs SNP array segments with Segment-Mean cutoffs of ±0.5 were used for comparison

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