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Fig. 6

From: ENVE: a novel computational framework characterizes copy-number mutational landscapes in colorectal cancers from African American patients

Fig. 6

Concordance analysis of ENVE-based and qPCR-based sCNA estimates. a Matched tumor/normal (T/N) LogRatios derived from WES data (above) and corresponding qPCR-based copy-number (CN) estimates (below) for 11 genes in each of the six AA CRC cases. ENVE-significant LogRatios are indicated by solid black circles, with LogRatios above 0 indicating amplifications and LogRatios below 0 indicating deletions. Significant qPCR-based CN alterations are indicated by solid black bars, with values above 2 representing amplifications and values below 2 representing deletions. b Matrix showing concordance (1) and discordance (0) between ENVE and qPCR CN estimates for the 11 genes in each of the six AA CRC cases. For each case, copy-neutral genes by both ENVE and qPCR analyses, as well as genes showing significant CN alterations in the same direction by both platforms, were deemed concordant (from a). The resulting percent concordance between ENVE-based and qPCR-based CN estimates in each sample is shown on the right, with an overall concordance rate of 72.72 %

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