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Fig. 2

From: Genomic prediction of celiac disease targeting HLA-positive individuals

Fig. 2

Cross-validation results for the GRS-DQ2.5 and GRS-DQ2.5-imputed models in the European GWA data. 10 × 10 cross-validated AUC (LOESS-smoothed) for the novel GRS-DQ2.5 model trained on the DQ2.5+ subset of the European GWA data (n = 5,552), as a function of the number of SNPs assigned a non-zero weight in the model. Maximum AUC was 0.727 achieved at 2,513 SNPs with non-zero weight when considering only SNPs (GRS-DQ2.5) and AUC of 0.74 at 3,317 SNPs/markers when using SNPs and SNP2HLA-imputed markers (GRS-DQ2.5-imputed)

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