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Table 1 Mendelian consistencies among HapMap family samples genotyped

From: Concept and design of a genome-wide association genotyping array tailored for transplantation-specific studies

Ancestry FID HapMap father HapMap mother HapMap child SNP errors observed P-P-C heritability* (%)
CEU 1334 NA12144 NA12145 NA10846 3,757 99.51
CEU 1340 NA06994 NA07000 NA07029 3,600 99.53
CEU 1340 NA07022 NA07056 NA07019 264 99.97
CEU 1463 NA12891 NA12892 NA12878 869 99.89
YRI Y004 NA18501 NA18502 NA18500 4,397 99.43
YRI Y009 NA18507 NA18508 NA18506 4,672 99.39
YRI Y045 NA19200 NA19201 NA19202 602 99.92
YRI Y058 NA19223 NA19222 NA19221 936 99.88
  1. *Heritability calculated as (# correct /767203 total SNPs post-QC)
  2. CEU, International HapMap CEPH European descent populations; FID, HapMap family ID; P-P-C, parent-parent-child; YRI, Hapmap Yoruba African samples