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Table 6 Functional annotation for genes associated with the 13 sites that were successfully replicated

From: DNA methylation loci associated with atopy and high serum IgE: a genome-wide application of recursive Random Forest feature selection

Category Term Genes P-value*
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Polymorphism COPA , KIAA0494 , EPX , ZNF862 , PRG2 , ASCC1 , ZFPM1 0.0145
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Eosinophil EPX , PRG2 0.0087
KEGG_PATHWAY Asthma EPX , PRG2 0.0005
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Sequence variant COPA, KIAA0494, EPX, ZNF862, PRG2, ASCC1, ZFPM1 0.1365
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0005509 Calcium ion binding COPA, KIAA0494, PVALB, EPX 0.1807
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Nitration EPX, PRG2 0.1539
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Alternative splicing LSM14B, COPA, ZNF862, ATL3, ASCC1 0.3382
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0046872 Metal ion binding COPA, KIAA0494, PVALB, EPX, ZNF862, ZFPM1 0.3749
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0048193 Golgi vesicle transport COPA, ATL3 0.8360
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0043169 Cation binding COPA, KIAA0494, PVALB, EPX, ZNF862, ZFPM1 0.2826
GOTERM_MF_FAT GO:0043167 Ion binding COPA, KIAA0494, PVALB, EPX, ZNF862, ZFPM1 0.2291
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Phosphoprotein LSM14B, COPA, KIAA0494, PVALB, ATL3, ZFPM1 0.2989
SP_PIR_KEYWORDS Cytoplasmic vesicle COPA, PRG2 0.5085
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Splice variant LSM14B, COPA, ZNF862, ATL3, ASCC1 0.9270
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Domain:EF-hand 1 KIAA0494, PVALB 0.8342
UP_SEQ_FEATURE Domain:EF-hand 2 KIAA0494, PVALB 0.7430
INTERPRO IPR018249: EF-HAND 2 KIAA0494, PVALB 0.9655
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006350 Transcription ZNF862, ASCC1, ZFPM1 0.9478
INTERPRO IPR018247: EF-HAND 1 KIAA0494, PVALB 0.8227
  1. Statistically significant DAVID functional annotation and pathway results are in bold
  2. * P-values corrected for multiple testing via Benjamini–Hochberg method