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Fig. 9

From: Gene expression meta-analysis reveals immune response convergence on the IFNγ-STAT1-IRF1 axis and adaptive immune resistance mechanisms in lymphoma

Fig. 9

IFN-responsive genes and the IFNγ-STAT1-IRF1 axis are amongst the leading edge of highly correlated DLBCL immune response genes. Correlation curves were generated from the focus gene analysis by ranking genes according to median correlation, and then plotting the gene correlation rank (x-axis) against the corresponding median gene correlation (y-axis, median Rho). This illustrates both the relative strength of correlations for each focus gene and identifies a leading edge of genes with most significant correlations. The position of a set of IFN-associated genes was plotted for each focus gene context as indicated in the figure. Note only the top 2000 of 20,121 genes tested are illustrated. See corresponding Additional file 20

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