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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Clinical metagenomic identification of Balamuthia mandrillaris encephalitis and assembly of the draft genome: the continuing case for reference genome sequencing

Strain Date Location Note Citation
SAMa Spring 2001 California 3-year-old girl, cultured on Vero cells Bakardjiev A et al., 2002 [55]
RP-5a Spring 2001 California Environmental sample associated with SAm, cultured on Vero cells Schuster FL et al., 2003 [5]
OK1a 2002 California Environmental sample in NorCal unrelated to SAm, cultured on Vero cells Dunnebacke TH et al., 2004 [56]
V039b 1990 California Type strain isolated from pregnant mandrill at San Diego Zoo, cultured on Vero cells Visvesvara GS et al., 1990 [4]
V188a 1989 Georgia 59-year-old man, amoeba isolated from brain/skin lesion, cultured on Vero cells Gordon SM et al., 1992 [57]
V451a - New York 6-year-old girl, cultured on Vero cells Yang XH et al., 2001 [58]
2046a March 2010 California 26-year-old man, survivor, cultured on Vero cells Vollmer and Glaser, in review
CSF108c May 2015 Colorado 15-year-old girl, direct metagenomic detection from CSF  
  1. aStrain provided by Dr. Dunnebacke at the California Department of Public Health
  2. bStrain obtained from ATCC (V39)
  3. cStrain obtained from recent clinical case in Colorado