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Fig. 1

From: An expansion of rare lineage intestinal microbes characterizes rheumatoid arthritis

Fig. 1

Disease duration and presence of autoantibodies correlate with α-diversity in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Two α-diversity measures, observed OTU number and Shannon diversity index, were calculated based on the rarefied counts. a, b Duration of arthritis onset (a) and levels of rheumatoid factor autoantibodies (b) in rheumatoid arthritis patients correlate with decreased α-diversity. The dashed line shows the fitted linear regression line with the gray area indicating the 95 % confidence band. Disease duration, 1 = <6 months, 2 = 6 months–1 year, 3 = 1–2 years, 4 = 2–5 years, 5= >5 years. Rheumatoid factor, 1 = <25, 2 = 25–50, 3 = 50–100, 4 = >100. c, d Treatment with methotrexate (c) and hydroxychloroquine (d) correlate with increased α-diversity. N not treated with specific drug, Y treated. The three horizontal lines of each box represent the first, second (median), and third quartile, respectively, with the whisker extending to 1.5 inter-quartile range. n = 40

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