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Fig. 2

From: Comprehensive promoter level expression quantitative trait loci analysis of the human frontal lobe

Fig. 2

Association between rs320881 and the expression of AC012309.5 (LINC01535). a Boxplot showing the association between rs320881 and the expression (log(tpm + 1)) of AC012309.5 (LINC01535) with a FDR of <2.29E-37. Individuals carrying the non-reference allele (G) have a higher expression compared to reference allele (a) carriers. b Boxplot showing that LINC01535 is predominantly expressed in central nervous system (CNS) tissues (n = 126) as compared to non-CNS tissues based on FANTOM5 expression data (p value 7.24E-12, Mann–Whitney U test one-sided). c Boxplot showing expression differences in LINC01535 in three of the donors used in the FANTOM5 project to generate CNS tissues expression data. The three donors show different LINC01535 expression patterns according to their rs320881 genotypes (FDR value of <8.13-09)

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