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Fig. 1

From: Next-generation sequencing diagnostics of bacteremia in septic patients

Fig. 1

Distribution of cfDNA concentrations over different patient groups and time points. a Comparison of cfDNA concentrations between healthy volunteers (V), septic patients at the onset of sepsis (S T0), and non-infected patients following major abdominal surgery (P). b Alterations in cfDNA concentrations of septic patients’ plasma samples collected over the observational period of the trial. Samples were obtained at sepsis onset (T0), after 24 h (T1), 4 days (T2), 7 days (T3), 14 days (T4), and 28 days (T5). c Comparison of cfDNA concentrations in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery without evidence of infection. Blood samples from the postoperative group were collected prior to surgery (T0), immediately following the end of the surgical procedure (T1), and 24 h later (T2)

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