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Table 3 Terminology systems that uniquely identify the genomically targeted antineoplastic drug vemurafeniba

From: Integrating cancer genomic data into electronic health records

Terminology short name Terminology long name (if applicable) Definition Unique code Website
ATC Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification system vemurafenib L01XE15
CAS Registry Number Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number vemurafenib 918504-65-1
ChEBI Chemical Entities of Biological Interest vemurafenib CHEBI:63637
ChEMBL   vemurafenib CHEMBL1229517
ChemSpider   vemurafenib 24747352
DrugBank   vemurafenib DB08881
eMolecules   vemurafenib 32176418
FDA UNII Code Food and Drug Administration Unique Ingredient Identifier vemurafenib 207SMY3FQT
Guide to Pharmacology IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology vemurafenib 5893
InChI IUPAC International Chemical Identifier vemurafenib GPXBXXGIAQBQNI-UHFFFAOYSA-N
KEGG DRUG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes vemurafenib D09996
MeSH Medical Subject Headings PLX4032 C551177
NCI Thesaurus National Cancer Institute Thesaurus vemurafenib C64768
NCI-GLOSS NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms PLX4032 CDR0000670004
PDBe Protein Data Bank in Europe PLX4032 32
PDQ Physician Data Query vemurafenib CDR0000528954
PubChem   vemurafenib CID:42611257
RxNorm   vemurafenib RxCUI:1147220
SNOMED-CT_US Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms, US Realm Vemurafenib (product) SCTID:703656005
UMLS Unified Medical Language System vemurafenib C1832009
ZINC   vemurafenib ZINC52509366
  1. aWhile these 21 distinct terminologies may not be exhaustive, they do illustrate the challenge of using terminology bindings in standards. Similar complexity is observed in terminologies for diseases, genes, proteins, and pathways (see Additional file 1)