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Table 1 Summary information of the individuals selected for the experimental design

From: High-specificity bioinformatics framework for epigenomic profiling of discordant twins reveals specific and shared markers for ACPA and ACPA-positive rheumatoid arthritis

Discordance type Number of twin pairs Females Ever smokers SE occurrence Median age (years) at blood sampling (IQR) Median CRP at blood sampling (IQR)
ACPA-positive healthy 5 80% 30% 60% 63 (62–74) 1.7 (1.2–4.2)
ACPA-positive RA 7 43% 36% 71% 70 (68–72) 3.7 (2.6–7.9)
  1. SE shared epitope, IQR interquartile range, CRP C-reactive protein