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Fig. 3

From: Copy number analysis by low coverage whole genome sequencing using ultra low-input DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tumor tissue

Fig. 3

a Concordance in CN profiles between samples, expressed as the percentage of sites in the genome called diploid, gain, or loss concordant with 100 ng unamplified input of two MCC samples, MCT4, and MCT6. b Distribution of MAPD values from FREEC normalized bin counts across all samples of low input 20 ng and 5 ng samples (blue) and low input 20 ng and 5 ng down-sampled to 1.3×, the mean depth of the 100 ng input samples (purple). Whole genome amplified (WGA, red), Unamplified (UA, pink) along with NEB treated (NEB) or untreated (UT), unamplified down-sampled to 0.2×, the mean depth of the WGA samples (purple) are also shown (all 100 ng input to library preparation)

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