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Table 2 Concordance in CN profiles between samples, expressed as percentage of sites in the genome called diploid, gain, or loss in both the LC WGS and MIP arrays for each breast tumor sample, and the percentage of sites called as gain or loss in the LC WGS or MIP results only, respectively. Concordance in only CNV regions in both LC WGS and MIP arrays, expressed as percentage, for each breast tumor sample

From: Copy number analysis by low coverage whole genome sequencing using ultra low-input DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tumor tissue

Sample Shared sites (%) WGS only sites (%) CNA WGS only (Mbp) MIP only sites (%) CNA MIP only (Mbp) Shared CNV (%)
LPS1 80.0 10.1 263 9.9 260 68
LPS2 83.4 7.7 202 8.8 231 74
LPS3 83.0 9.6 198 7.4 136 72
LPS4 93.1 6.6 173 0.34 8.9 49