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Fig. 2

From: ClinGen Pathogenicity Calculator: a configurable system for assessing pathogenicity of genetic variants

Fig. 2

a Interface for initializing an evidence document for a selected allele by adding information about disease condition and mode of inheritance. b Interface for updating tags by clicking on a cell and selecting a tag from a pull-down menu. A link to a table defining tags in each cell (such as a table with ACMG tags) is provided for reference. c Interface for updating links to supporting data for a tag by opening the “Manage Links” tab in panel B and by entering one or more URLs/Links along with any free-text comments. d An alternate interface to manage tags and provide summary and links. This interface lists all the tags for each evidence type (e.g. Population Data, Computational Data, etc.). This panel is activated by clicking on the evidence type in the left-most column of the evidence summary table (Fig. 1, left-most column in the bottom panel)

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