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Table 1 Example 3D clusters with potential functional targets

From: 3D clusters of somatic mutations in cancer reveal numerous rare mutations as functional targets

Gene PDB ID: chain Position (number of mutated samples) p Cancer types (number of mutated samples)*
EGFR 1IVO:B R252(8) F254(1) D256(2) K261(1) T263(2) C264(1) A289(28) 0.016 GBM(30) LGG(8) Stomach ADCA(2) Other(3)
EGFR 2JIU:B V769(1) R831(2) R832(2) L833(2) L858(30) L861(7) H893(1) 0.025 Lung ADCA(39) Lung SCC(2) CRC(2) Other(2)
KIT 4HVS:A W557(1) V559(3) V560(1) L576(2) 0.085 Melanoma(6) Stomach ADCA(1)
MTOR 4JT5:B A1459(1) L1460(2) V1461(1) Y1463(1) K1465(1) M1467(1) R1480(2) C1483(5) 0.035 ccRCC(7) BRCA(1) CRC(1) Other(5)
MTOR 4JSN:A A1971(3) I1973(2) Y1974(1) T1977(3) M1998(1) V2006(2) 0.047 ccRCC(4) CLL(2) Endometrial CA(2) Other(4)
PIK3CA 2v1y_A R38(14) E39(5) R88(40) C90(4) R93(15) 0.014 Endometrial CA(27) CRC(19) Other(32)
MAPK1 4FV5:A E81(2) R135(1) G136(1) D321(3) E322(15) 0.014 Cervical SCC(9) HNC(9) BRCA(1) Other(3)
FGFR3 1RY7:B R248(9) S249(18) P250(1) D280(2) 0.050 Bladder CA(17) HNC(6) Lung SCC(3) Other(4)
  1. *Full cancer type names are listed in the Abbreviations section