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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of oral and gut microbiome temporal variability in hospitalized cancer patients

Fig. 1

Intra-patient temporal variability in oral and stool microbiomes of hospitalized AML patients undergoing IC. a The oral and stool microbial α-diversity intra-patient temporal variability. Each point represents the coefficient of variation (CV) of the Shannon diversity index (SDI) for samples derived from each patient. b The correlation between the CV of the SDI values originating from oral and stool samples from the same patient. The Pearson’s correlation (r) value and P value from correlation analyses also are indicated. c The oral and stool microbial β-diversity intra-patient temporal variability using either the CV of the weighted or unweighted UniFrac distances for samples derived from each patient. In panels a and c, the bars represent mean ± standard deviation, and P values comparing the different body sites were calculated using a Mann–Whitney U-test

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