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Table 4 Uric acid top hits

From: Exploration of haplotype research consortium imputation for genome-wide association studies in 20,032 Generation Scotland participants

Gene SNP Chr Position Effect allele GS minor allele frequency HRC MAF GS p value GS effect size Meta top SNP Meta p value
SLC2A9 rs6449213 4 9994215 T 0.165 0.1857 1.93E-17 0.592 rs12498742 <1 E − 700
FAM134B rs75869162 5 16617922 A 0.005 0.0019 1.57E-08 2.24 rs386845 1.18E-02
RP11-430H10.4 rs141208451 11 45538920 A 0.005 0.0011 3.13E-09 2.32 rs11038475 7.36E-03
ZNF160 rs187171029 19 53599256 T 0.006 0.0040 1.84E-08 2 rs16984293 2.58E-02
  1. Summary of top hits of the imputed GWAS analysis of uric acid in 2077 Generation Scotland participants, compared with top hits in a meta-analysis reported in the GUGC. Top hits were extracted from the region within 100,000 bases of the imputed GWAS top SNP. Entries in bold are within 500,000 bases of a SNP that reached genome-wide significance in the genotyped GWAS analysis