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Table 3 User roles

From: PathOS: a decision support system for reporting high throughput sequencing of cancers in clinical diagnostic laboratories

Role Description
ROLE_ADMIN • Full system access
• Create and remove users
• Assign user roles
ROLE_DEV • Same rights as ROLE_ADMIN except,
• Patient names and DOBs are suppressed on screen and in reporting
• Additional diagnostics are available within all environments (including Production)
ROLE_CURATOR • The curators can create variant evidence
• Assign the pathogenicity for curated variants.
• If all checks pass they can lock a sample into the final review state
• Produce final reports
ROLE_LAB • The user can update the Seqrun QC
• Update Sample QC
• Submit variants for curation
• Submit a sample for first review
• Produce draft reports
ROLE_EXPERT The user has the same access as a curator but can subscribe to certain curation categories of interest such as genes, variants or patients
ROLE_VIEWER The user only has access to the splash page and the reference tables
  1. PathOS supports multiple roles for access control and workflow