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Fig. 1

From: Functional implications of microbial and viral gut metagenome changes in early stage L-DOPA-naïve Parkinson’s disease patients

Fig. 1

Genus and species level differences in PD participants and controls. a NMDS ordination of all samples used in this study, using a Bray–Curtis between-sample distance at genus level. This shows the composition relatedness of samples and that PD samples form a subgroup. Outliers denoted with # took antibiotics in a period of 28–34 days prior to feces sampling. See also Additional file 2 for taxonomic analysis while taking these samples into account. b Genus-level sample composition. c The most significant species or groups of taxa that could not be further classified. Unclassified Prevotella is not significant after multiple testing, but was implied in PD in several studies (see “Discussion”). d Species correlating strongest to PD disease severity (as measured by UPDRS III). Note that after multiple testing correction, these are all q > 0.1

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