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Fig. 1

From: Defining the role of Lgr5+ stem cells in colorectal cancer: from basic research to clinical applications

Fig. 1

Context-dependent roles of LGR5+ colorectal cancer stem cells. The dynamics of LGR5+ colorectal cancer stem cells in different experimental settings. In intact tumors, LGR5+ cancer cells self-renew and their descendants generate differentiated cancer cells (top left), whereas upon LGR5 ablation, CK20+ differentiated cancer cells convert to LGR5+ cancer stem cells (CSCs; top right). In a mouse model of liver metastasis, Lgr5 ablation leads to complete elimination of metastatic tumors (bottom left). When co-treated with an EGFR antibody followed by LGR5 ablation, EGFR blockade induces enrichment of LGR5+ CSCs, thereby intensifying the effect of LGR5 ablation (bottom right)

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