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Fig. 2

From: Public health surveillance in the UK revolutionises our understanding of the invasive Salmonella Typhimurium epidemic in Africa

Fig. 2

UK-ST313 are associated with gastrointestinal infection and do not harbour the African lineage associated prophages, BTP1 & BTP5. a Maximum likelihood phylogeny of 76 UK-isolated ST313 strains received by PHE in the context of 24 African ST313 sequenced by Okoro et al. [7]. Red branches indicate ST313 lineage 1 and 2. Adjacent metadata panel showing: 1. Country isolate was associated with; Africa - orange, not Africa - blue; 2. Source; extra-intestinal - red, faecal - brown, environmental - green, unknown - grey. b BLAST ring image showing blastn comparison of all UK-isolated ST313 genomes (red and grey rings) along with three reference ST19 strains (blue rings) against lineage 2 representative strain D23580. The position of the prophages (coloured blocks) and Salmonella pathogenicity islands (grey blocks) in lineage 2 strain D23580 are shown around the outside of the ring

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