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Fig. 5

From: Nuclear Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome protein co-regulates T cell factor 1-mediated transcription in T cells

Fig. 5

Gene regulation by nuclear WASpI296T. a Functional groups of peak-corresponding genes in WASp ChIP-seq refined datasets. b Gene expression profiling by RT-qPCR of WASpI296T ChIP-seq genes in WASpI296T vs. WT thymocytes. Expression in WASpI296Tthymocytes is shown and compared with expression in WT thymocytes set to 1. Gene expression profiling by RT-qPCR was performed in three biological replicates: WASpI296T n = 3 vs. WT n = 3 and in three technical replicates for each cDNA template sample with Ct variation between triplicates less than cut-off ± 0.25. Resulted gene expression data: the mean of the technical triplicate, ΔCt, RQ value, and standard deviation between RQ of biological triplicates is indicated. Additional file 3: sheet 3

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