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Table 2 Predictive signatures for warfarin dose

From: Cohort-specific imputation of gene expression improves prediction of warfarin dose for African Americans

Cohort-specific Generica
African American Central European Central European
Gene Tissue Gene Tissue Gene Tissue
CYP1A1 Adipose, subcutaneous ARRB1 Adipose, subcutaneous CCND1 Adrenal gland
AKT1 Pancreas CUBN Adrenal gland ABL1 Skin not-sun-exposed suprapubic
ALOX5 Adrenal gland; brain, cortex GCLC Spleen ATF2 Brain, cerebellar hemisphere; brain, cerebellum
EPHX1 Heart, left ventricle; thyroid GGCX Brain, cerebellar hemisphere AURKA Brain, frontal cortex BA9
GNAI2 Whole blood LGALS2 Pancreas CCND1 Esophagus mucosa
ITGB1 Tibial nerve PLCG2 Esophagus, muscularis CUBN Adrenal gland
LGALS2 Colon transverse PSMA6 Skeletal muscle CYP2C18 Liver
NCOA1 Brain, caudate basal ganglia PTK2 Skeletal muscle GCLM Brain, cerebellum
PLCG2 Esophagus, muscularis; pancreas UBE2I Esophagus, muscularis ITGA2B Thyroid
PROZ Spleen VKORC1 Liver; thyroid JUN Tibial artery
SERPINF2 Thyroid    MGP Esophagus gastroesophageal junction
SMAD3 Esophagus, mucosa    PSEN1 Pituitary
STX4 Colon transverse    SMAD2 Testis
VKORC1 Liver    VKORC1 Thyroid; heart atrial appendage
  1. aThe generic methods did not produce a signature on the AA training cohort