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Table 3 Performance of the generic and cohort-specific signatures on different warfarin studies

From: Cohort-specific imputation of gene expression improves prediction of warfarin dose for African Americans

Validation cohort Signature R2 regression against IWPC residuals P value of difference from the backgrounda
EUR validation EUR, generic 0.2 0.008 (e –4)
EUR, cohort-specific 0.08 0.004 (0.05)
AA, cohort-specific 0.1 0.004 (0.03)
AA validation EUR, cohort-specific 0.09 0.0009 (0.02)
  1. The R2 coefficient is measured on the IWPC residuals
  2. P values below FDR of 0.05 are bolded
  3. aBackground computed as random signatures. P values of shuffled signatures in parentheses