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Fig. 2

From: From somatic variants towards precision oncology: Evidence-driven reporting of treatment options in molecular tumor boards

Fig. 2

The molecular tumor board (MTB) report. First page of the report of patient MASTER-04 from the NCT MASTER dataset. General information of the patient, clinical history, and genomic data are summarized under a first header entitled “Patient information”. Under a second block called “Gene-drug predictive associations”, the user can find all the details regarding the actionable variants identified. The method is briefly described at the beginning. The number of gene–drug predictive associations found at each level are summarized in a figure and then detailed in a table. In the table, the patient’s variants are located in the left part, and the public knowledge on those variants is located in the right part. Each row details a specific association between a gene variant and a drug response in a specific cancer type

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