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Table 1 Main characteristics of the public databases of predictive biomarkers

From: From somatic variants towards precision oncology: Evidence-driven reporting of treatment options in molecular tumor boards

Number of genes 170 290 135
Number of predictive genes Total 170 213 111
Exclusive 46 105 10
Common 79
Number of variant–drug associations 618 1931 111
Number of cancer types 65 177 Not specified
Biomarker types Predictive Predictive Predictive
Prognostic Prognostic
Diagnostic Diagnostic
Clinical significance levels Response Sensitivity Free text
Sensitivity Resistance or non-response
Increased benefit
No response
No sensitivity
Reduced/decreased sensitivity
Evidence levels NCCN/FDA A: clinical routine None
Late trials B: clinical trials
Early trials C: case reports
Case report D: preclinical
Preclinical E: inferential
Variant specific Yes Yes No
References provided Yes Yes No
Version v19 1 June 2017 v3
Source [20] [21] [12]
  1. Each column summarizes the specificities of each database: GDKD Gene Drug Knowledge Database, CIViC Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer, TARGET Tumor Alterations Relevant for Genomics-driven Therapy