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Table 3 Retrospective comparison in 11 patients

From: From somatic variants towards precision oncology: Evidence-driven reporting of treatment options in molecular tumor boards

New ID Cancer Number of SNVs Number of CNVs MASTER report MTB report
Gene Drug Number of results Match Match level Drug support
MASTER-01 Breast cancer metastasis 104 3410 BRCA1/2 deletions PARP inhibitors 43 Yes B2 11.6%
RAF1, PDGFRA amplifications Sorafenib   Yes B3 4.6%
FGF1 (T8N) FGFR inhibitor   Yes 2.3%
MASTER-02 Pancreatic adenocarcinoma 49 1528 KRAS (G12D) 92
MASTER-03 Leiomyosarcoma of the retroperitoneum 31 3181 PTPRJ deletion Pazopanib 12 No
CDK12 + BRCA2 deletions Cisplatin   Yes B2 50%
MASTER-04 Ovarian carcinoma 98 3385 TSC2 (R505X) mTOR inhibitor 56 Yes B2 12.5%
MASTER-05 Myxoid liposarcoma 11 72 PIK3CA (C420R) + PTEN (R130G) mTOR inhibitor 75 Yes B2 9.3%
  AKT inhibitor   Yes B2 2.4%
  PI3K inhibitor   Yes B2 32%
MASTER-06 Neuroendocrine tumor 2703 2060 MTOR (P2490L, G332R) mTOR inhibitor 89 Yes B2 16.8%
PTPN12 (S509 N, G523S) Lapatinib, erlotinib, imatinib, desatinib   No
KIT (A837T) Imatinib, desatinib   Yes B3 1.1%
LCK (P74L) Desatinib   No
MASTER-07 Neuroendocrine tumor 645 941 ERBB3 (V104 M), RAF1 (S259P), MTOR (E1485G) mTOR inhibitor 40 Yes A2 12.5%
MASTER-08 Cholangiocarcinoma 28 1001 ERRFI1 (R199X) Erlotinib 17 Yes 0.58%
MASTER-09 Clear cell sarcoma 11 1 NTRK3 (R116W) Lestaurtinib, midostaurin 3 No
MASTER-10 Histiocytic sarcoma 7 5 BRAF (F595 L) + HRAS (Q61R) MEK inhibitor 11 Yes B2 33.3%
sorafenib (multi TKi)   Yes B3 5.5%
MASTER-11 Pulmonary adenocarcinoma 70 146 EGFR (p.745-750del) Erlotinib 54 Yes B2 22.2%
  1. Actionable variants discussed by experts as part of the NCT MASTER trial (MASTER report) were compared to actionable variants reported by our method (MTB report)