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Fig. 1

From: Integrative omics analyses broaden treatment targets in human cancer

Fig. 1

DEPO database. a The methodology supporting curation of the drug-variant depository, which we refer to as DEPO, or Database of Evidence for Precision Oncology, and its use in determining the “druggable” landscape of TCGA tumors. b The composition of sensitive variants in DEPO by variant type. For each variant type, only unique variants were counted even if a given variant is associated with multiple levels of evidence, multiple drugs, and/or multiple cancer types. “CNV” (copy number variation) corresponds to “CNA” (copy number amplification) and “CNL” (copy number loss) entries in DEPO; this includes genes for which CNA or CNL is associated with drug response, respectively. “Expression” refers to genes whose elevated and reduced expression is associated with drug response. “Mutations” refers to missense, nonsense, in-frame indels, and frameshift mutations. c Number of uniquely drug-associated mutations in DEPO by gene, sorted by evidence level: FDA approved, clinical trials, case reports, and preclinical

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