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Fig. 3

From: A genome-wide siRNA screen identifies a druggable host pathway essential for the Ebola virus life cycle

Fig. 3

Effect of CAD knockdown on Junín virus minigenome replication and transcription. To exclude an unspecific role of CAD on T7-driven minigenome systems in general, Junín virus (JUNV) minigenomes encoding nano-luciferase (nLuc) were replicated and transcribed in cells pretransfected with siRNAs against CAD, NXF1, or control siRNAs (no siRNA; neg. siRNA: negative control siRNA; killer siRNA: cytotoxic siRNA as transfection control). As an additional control the JUNV polymerase was omitted from the assay (no L). In parallel, an ATP-based cell viability assay was performed using UltraGlo luciferase activity as a readout. Means from 3 different experiments are shown

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