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Fig. 5

From: Single-cell transcriptomics reveal that PD-1 mediates immune tolerance by regulating proliferation of regulatory T cells

Fig. 5

Proliferation of CD4+ Treg in tolerated grafts requires functional PD-1 signaling. a Flow cytometric analysis and b quantification showing expression of PD-1 in CD4+hCD2 (TH) or CD4+hCD2+ (TR) cells of rejecting and tolerated grafts, respectively. c A schematic diagram showing the protocol for antibody treatments. d H&E staining showing graft rejection following treatment with αPD-1 mAb in addition to coreceptor and costimulation blockade (3 mAb). Scale bars: 1000 μm. e Immunostaining and f quantifications of Ki67+FOXP3+ cells among total FOXP3+ cells in 3 mAb- and 3 mAb + αPD-1 mAb-treated grafts, respectively. Arrows indicate Ki67+FOXP3+ cells. Scale bars: 50 μm. *P < 0.05. (af) n = 5 per group

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