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Table 2 Factors contributing to variance between microbial communities

From: Distinct microbes, metabolites, and ecologies define the microbiome in deficient and proficient mismatch repair colorectal cancers

  Marginal Adjusted
Factors % Variation p value % Variation p value
MMR status 2.58 0.001 1.85 0.004
Sample location—proximal/distal 1.87 0.011 1.44 0.019
Sample type 1.70 0.001 1.36 0.001
Sample location—on/off tumor 1.50 0.001 1.01 0.001
Sex 1.48 0.051 1.14 0.184
BMI 1.34 0.108 1.60 0.025
Age 0.96 0.542 1.02 0.319
  1. Percent variation and p values in the first two columns were from marginal analyses (i.e., not adjusted for other factors). Percent variation and p values in the last two columns were from analyses adjusting for all factors. Permutation tests (999 permutations) were used to calculate the p values. For “Sample type” and “on/off tumor” factors, the permutation was confined within the subject. For the rest of the factors, the subjects were the permutation units (i.e., randomly assign a value to each subject) to account for the within-subject correlations