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Table 5 Cross-validation performance for combined NNAlign models trained on single-allele data sets, with and without context information

From: Footprints of antigen processing boost MHC class II natural ligand predictions

  Without context With context  
Allele AUC 0.1 PPV AUC 0.1 PPV P value
DRB1*01:01 0.874 0.824 0.893 0.839 < 0.0001
DRB1*15:01 0.931 0.875 0.947 0.892 < 0.0001
DRB5*01:01 0.805 0.76 0.818 0.782 0.0368
  1. “Allele” refers to the combination of all data sets for that given allele used to train the model. Cross-validated performance values are reported as AUC 0.1 and PPV. P values were estimated using bootstrapping. For more details on these measures, refer to the “Methods” section