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Fig. 6

From: Cell-free DNA profiling of metastatic prostate cancer reveals microsatellite instability, structural rearrangements and clonal hematopoiesis

Fig. 6

Clonal hematopoiesis. Presence of clonal expansions in the white blood cell compartment was investigated by somatic mutation (single nucleotide variants and indels) analysis. Somatic mutations, supporting existence of clonal hematopoiesis, were identified in germline DNA extracted from white blood cells by using a pool of healthy donor DNA as reference and subsequently validated in cell-free DNA from the same individual. For each mutation, the amino acid position and total number of amino acids are given. Patients with multiple mutations are labeled with sample donor ID. X-axis: variant allele frequency. Y-axis: individual mutations sorted according to allele frequency in white blood cells and individual. The inset legend explains the type and the source of each variant

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