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Fig. 1

From: Meta-analysis of Immunochip data of four autoimmune diseases reveals novel single-disease and cross-phenotype associations

Fig. 1

Novel genome-wide associated loci for celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. Pleiotropic SNPs reaching genome-wide significance level and SNPs associated with a single disease and reaching p values lower than 5 × 10− 6 in the subset-based meta-analysis were checked for genome-wide association in each of the diseases included in the best subset. Negative log10-tranformed p value (disease-specific p values) (upper plot) and odds ratio (lower plot) for the new genome-wide signals are shown. The six loci are annotated with the candidate gene symbol. Circles represent the analyzed diseases (red: celiac disease; yellow: rheumatoid arthritis; green: systemic sclerosis; blue: type 1 diabetes). The red line represents genome-wide level of significance (p = 5 × 10− 8)

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