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Fig. 2

From: Single-cell analysis reveals congruence between kidney organoids and human fetal kidney

Fig. 2

Integration and comparison of kidney organoids and human fetal kidney scRNA-seq. a tSNE plot of combined organoid and hFK data coloured by sample type. b tSNE plot revealing 16 ‘combined’ (C) clusters identified from largest to smallest population (C0–C15). Cluster identity and select conserved marker genes shown next to cluster colour key. c Comparison of organoid cell clustering in ‘organoid only’ to ‘combined’ clusters. Overlap in samples between clusters from the different analyses is shown using the Jaccard Index with a score of 1 (yellow) indicating identical clusters and 0 (blue) indicating no cells in common. d Number of cells contributing to each cluster from hFK and organoid samples. e Comparison of general cell type composition between organoid and hFK samples. Stroma includes C0, C1, C2, C3, and C9; nephron includes C6, C7, and C10. f Differentially expressed genes with largest fold changes between all organoid and all hFK cells. g Top conserved markers and differentially expressed genes between datasets for clusters from the ‘combined’ analysis. Cell cycle clusters not displayed. Similar analysis for nephron clusters is presented in Fig. 3

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