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Fig. 3

From: Single-cell analysis reveals congruence between kidney organoids and human fetal kidney

Fig. 3

Comparison of nephron cell types within kidney organoids and human fetal kidney. a, b Sample of origin and re-clustering of combined nephron (CN) lineage cells results in eight clusters. Cluster identity and select conserved marker genes shown next to cluster colour key. Cells for this analysis were selected from combined clusters C6, C7, C10 and C15. c Comparison of organoid cells between organoid nephron (ON) and combined nephron (CN) clusters. Colours show overlap in cells between clusters according to the Jaccard Index. d Number of cells in each combined nephron cluster by dataset. e Split dot plot showing relative expression for select marker genes within organoid and hFK cells in the combined nephron clusters. hFK data in pink, organoid in blue. Circle size represents the proportion of cells in the cluster expressing that gene, shading indicates expression level (low to high reflected as light to dark). f Top differentially expressed genes between datasets within combined nephron clusters. Chart colouring and shading as per e. Results for CN6 and CN7 are not differential expression results as few (CN6) or no (CN7) organoid cells are present within these clusters. These instead reflect top cluster markers (CN6) or markers enriched in CN7 but not CN0 or CN3. Organoid expression values for CN6 are derived from three organoid cells within this cluster

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