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Table 2 Reported responses following disclosure of genome sequencing results

From: Predispositional genome sequencing in healthy adults: design, participant characteristics, and early outcomes of the PeopleSeq Consortium

  No. (%)a
Psychological response
 Decision regret score, mean (± SD; range)b 6.6 (13.4; 0–100)
Behavioral and medical responses because of sequencing results
 Communication of test results
  Family 399 (81.1)
  Healthcare provider 252 (51.2)
Made appointment with healthcare provider 65 (13.5)
Sought out more information about health or medical topics related to results 237 (48.5)
Made changes to diet 45 (9.4)
Made changes to exercise routine 41 (8.6)
Made changes to medications 29 (7.2)
Made changes to insurance coverage 2 (0.4)
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. aPercentages and means are not all based on total of 543 participants because of missing responses to some survey items. The percent of missing responses ranges between 8.7 and 25.8% (median = 11.0% missing)
  3. b5-item decision regret scale provides a score from 0 to 100