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Fig. 1

From: Multi-omics discovery of exome-derived neoantigens in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 1

Characterization of somatic variants and their potential for HLA presentation in HCC. a Numbers of somatic variants across HCC patients (n = 16). Numbers are shown for all variants passing initial filtering (Var), coding non-synonymous variants (Varns), and coding non-synonymous variants with RNA level evidence (Varexp). Boxplots show means ± SD. b Varexp shared among HCC patients. Varexp affecting identical genes in ≥ 3 patients are displayed in gray. Varexp observed at identical genomic positions are displayed in red (the shown HLA-DR variants should be cautiously interpreted as potential artifacts). c Correlation between Varns and predicted HLA-binding neoepitopes (PNE) (left; blue). Correlation between Varexp and expressed PNE (PNEexp) (right; orange). d Scatter plot of numbers of Varns and PNE in HCC patients (blue) and a benchmarking dataset of melanoma (Mel) patients (red) as previously described by Bassani-Sternberg et al. [24]

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