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Fig. 2

From: Multi-omics discovery of exome-derived neoantigens in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 2

Numbers of predicted neoepitopes with evidence on different omics levels. a Numbers of somatic variants and non-synonymous somatic variants (Var and Varns), respectively; peptide search space (PSS), predicted HLA-binding neoepitopes (PNE), and PNE on the different available omics levels: expressed PNE (PNEexp), PNE with evidence on shotgun proteome level (PNEprot), and neoepitopes observed as natural HLA ligands (NElig) are shown for the HCC dataset (left; n = 16) and the Mel dataset (right; n = 5) published previously by Bassani-Sternberg et al. [24]. Numbers are given as mean ± SD. b Numbers of peptides after processing with our neoepitope identification pipeline are shown on a per patient basis according to the different omics levels as observed in the HCC dataset (left) as well as the Mel dataset (right). For each patient, total counts of predicted peptides (PSS) are annotated in black, numbers of NElig for Mel patients are shown in red (median = 1.0)

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