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Fig. 3

From: Multi-omics discovery of exome-derived neoantigens in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 3

Comparison of the mutational burden in Mel and HCC. a Number of mutations (# Varns) of TCGA cases in Mel (n = 476). b Number of mutations (# Varns) of TCGA cases in HCC (n = 363). The data were retrieved from Genomics Data Commons Data Portal (, access date: 2018-09-16). Variants were filtered for missense variants, frameshift variants, inframe deletions, inframe insertions, and coding sequence variants. Variants that were called by Mutect2 are considered. The number of mutations was assessed with respect to high tumor mutational burden (> 400 Varns, red) and the fraction of tumors with > 100 Varns (blue)

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