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Table 2 Cancer-testis antigens covered by HLA ligands detected in HCC

From: Multi-omics discovery of exome-derived neoantigens in hepatocellular carcinoma

# CTA (UniprotID) Peptide (HLA-) Sample ID HCC-
1 ARMC3 (Q5W041) EQIEDLAKY (A*26:01) 045
2 ATAD2 (Q6PL18) AYAIIKEEL (A*24:02)
3 MAEL (Q96JY0) MVVLDAGRY (A*26:01) 045
4 PRAME (P78395) SLLQHLIGL (B*08:01) 041
5 SSX1 (Q16384) AFDDIATYF (C*04:01) 035
6 SSX RLRERKQLV (B*08:01) 041
7 TFDP3 (Q5H9I0) EVVGELVAKF (A*26:01) 045
  1. Peptide maps to SSX1 (Q16384); SSX2 (Q16385); SSX3 (Q99909); SSX4 (O60224); SSX6 (Q7RTT6); SSX7 (Q7RTT5); SSX9 (Q7RTT3)