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Table 1 Classes of tumor antigens

From: Discovery and characterization of actionable tumor antigens

  TAAs mTSAs aeTSAs
Genomic origin Exonic ++++ Exonic++
Non-exonic ++
Exonic + (some CGAs)
Non-exonic ++++
Expression in mTECs/normal tissues Yes No No
Mutation No Yes No
Shared among tumors Often No/rarely Often
Derivation Overexpression due to genetic and epigenetic changes Somatic mutations Epigenetic changes
Aberrant splicing
  1. The relative frequency of exonic vs non-exonic antigens is indicated using a scale of + (rare) to ++++ (very common) for each class of tumor antigens. aeTSA, Aberrantly expressed tumor-specific antigen; CGA Cancer-germline antigen, mTEC Medullary thymic cell, mTSA Mutated tumor-specific antigen, TAA Tumor-associated antigen