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Fig. 3

From: Correction to: Molecular and pharmacological modulators of the tumor immune contexture revealed by deconvolution of RNA-seq data

Fig. 3

quanTIseq analysis of RNA-seq data from 19 TCGA solid cancers. a Pearson’s correlation between cell proportions estimated by quanTIseq and expression in TPM of the CXCL9 chemokine. t-SNE plot of the immune contextures of 8243 TCGA cancer patients, colored by: b cancer type or c expression of immune-related genes and microsatellite instability state. The line in the t-SNE plots qualitatively indicates the separation of the putative inflamed, immune-desert, and immune-excluded phenotypes. Adaptive, total adaptive immune cells; B, B cells; CD4, total CD4+ T cells (including also CD4+ regulatory T cells); CD8, CD8+ T cells; DC, dendritic cells; Innate, total innate immune cells; Lym, total lymphocytes; M1, classically activated macrophages; M2, alternatively activated macrophages; Mono, monocytes; MSI, microsatellite instable; MSS, microsatellite stable; Neu, neutrophils; NK, natural killer cells; Other, uncharacterized cells; T, T cells; Treg, regulatory T cells

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