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Table 2 Prevalence of expected pathogenic BRCA1/2 variants in the BioMe Biobank. We assessed the prevalence of BRCA1/2 variants in all sequenced participants, in an unrelated subset of participants, across self-reported ancestry groups, and across genetic ancestry groups for which there were greater than 400 individuals

From: Exome sequencing reveals a high prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 founder variants in a diverse population-based biobank

Population characteristicsNBRCA1/2 variant positive, N (%)Estimated prevalence
All sequenced participants30,223218 (0.7)1:139
Unrelated subset—including only one individual in every first- and second-degree relationship27,816208 (0.7)1:134
Self-reported ancestry (unrelated subset)
 African American/African623631 (0.5)1:201
 East/Southeast Asian7396 (0.8)1:123
 European7600116 (1.5)1:66
 Hispanic/Latino905032 (0.4)1:283
 Native American470 (0)
 South Asian5850 (0)
 Other227113 (0.6)
 Multiple selected10789 (0.8)
 Not available2111 (0.5)
Genetic ancestry (unrelated subset)
 African American and African687431 (0.5)1:222
 Ashkenazi Jewish388980 (2.1)1:49
 Non-Ashkenazi Jewish European547453 (1.0)1:103
 Filipino and other Southeast Asian5667 (1.2)1:81
 Dominican18764 (0.2)1:469
 Ecuadorian4182 (0.5)1:209
 Puerto Rican510515 (0.3)1:340
 Other Central and South American11168 (0.7)1:140