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Table 3 Notable iuc-positive STs by region

From: Genomic surveillance for hypervirulence and multi-drug resistance in invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae from South and Southeast Asia

LocationTotal iuc+Notable clone/siuc alleleN iuc (% of iuc/site)ICEKp (N)iro allele (N)rmpA/2 (N)ESBL/CP (N)
Hong Kong6 (22%)ST45iuc31 (17%)ICEKp4 (1)CTX-M-3 (1)
Vietnam34 (43%)* ST23iuc113 (38%)ICEKp10a (10)
ICEKp3 (1)
iro1 (13)(10)CTX-M-14 (1)
* ST25iuc32 (6%)ICEKp1 (2)iro3 (2)(2)
iuc11 (3%)iro1 (1)(1)
* ST65iuc12 (6%)ICEKp10 a (1)iro1 (2)(2)CTX-M-15, VEB-1 (1)
Laos23 (38%)* ST23iuc110 (44%)ICEKp10 a (10)iro1 (10)(10)CTX-M-63 (1)
* ST65iuc12 (6%)ICEKp10 a (2)iro1 (3)(3)
* ST86iuc1ICEKp4 (1)iro1 (3)(3)
ST592iuc110 (44%)iro1 (3)(3)
Cambodia4 (10%)
Nepal3 (9%)ST15iuc12 (67%)ICEKp12 (2)(2)CTX-M-15 (2)
OXA-232 (1)
India24 (28%)ST231iuc512 (50%)ICEKp5 (12)CTX-M-15 (8)
OXA-232 (8)
iuc ukn2 (8%)ICEKp5 (2)CTX-M-15 (2)
OXA-232 (2)
ST2096iuc13 (13%)ICEKp5 (2)iro1 (1)CTX-M-15 (2)
* ST23iuc12 (8%)ICEKp3 (1)
ICEKp10 a (1)
iro1 (2)(1)CTX-M-15 (1)
ST11iuc11 (48%)ICEKp12 (1)CTX-M-15,
OXA-232 (1)
  1. Total iuc+: total number of genomes carrying iuc per site (i.e. predicted as aerobactin-producing)
  2. Notable clones: clones with ≥ 3 iuc-positive genomes at any single site, or carrying iuc in addition to ESBL and/or carbapenemase genes. *Known hypervirulent STs
  3. iuc allele: iuc lineages predicted by Kleborate. unk = iuc lineage unknown
  4. N iuc: number of genomes of each notable clone carrying iuc per site
  5. ICEKp: ICEKp variants and the number of genomes of notable clones carrying these variants per site. aICEKp10 carries ybt and clb
  6. iro allele: iro lineage and the number of genomes of notable clones carrying these iro variants per site
  7. rmpA/2: number of genomes of notable clones carrying the rmpA and/or rmpA2 loci per site
  8. ESBL/CP: ESBL and carbapenemase genes detected among notable clones and the number of genomes carrying these genes per site