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Table 5 Multi-country clusters of strains sharing a recent common ancestor

From: Genomic surveillance for hypervirulence and multi-drug resistance in invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae from South and Southeast Asia

STPairwise SNVs (mean)aLocationsSample IDYearESBL/CP genesICEKpPlasmid-borne virulence loci
ST6537–138b (89)Laos16754852015ICEKp10diro1, iuc1, rmpA, rmpA2
Laos16754772015ICEKp10diro1, iuc1, rmpA, rmpA2
Laos161142002016iro1, iuc1, rmpA, rmpA2
CambodiaCOMRU-KPN-BC-2015-72015ICEKp10diro1, iuc1, rmpA, rmpA2
ST8669Vietnam270210–163612010ICEKp4iro1, iuc1, rmpA, rmpA2
Laos16234152016ICEKp4iro1, iuc1, rmpA
Laos16900952015CTX-M-15, CTX-M-27
ST59270–91 (80)Laos16754872015 iuc1, iro1, rmpA2
Laos16754782015iuc1, iro1, rmpA2
VietnamCM35602015iuc1, iro1, rmpA2
ST1482Hong KongV282016
ST150–202 (84)cNepal24272016CTX-M-15, OXA-232, NDM-1ICEKp12
Nepal24552016CTX-M-15, OXA-232, NDM-1
Nepal27032016CTX-M-15, OXA-232, NDM-1
Nepal27252016CTX-M-15, OXA-232, NDM-1
Nepal25572016CTX-M-15iuc1, rmpA2
Nepal25792016CTX-M-15, OXA-232iuc1, rmpA2
ST41286Laos161125782016iuc1, iro1, rmpA, rmpA2
IndiaBA26412017iuc1, iro1, rmpA, rmpA2
  1. Genomes were clustered at a threshold of ≤ 100 SNVs (i.e. all members of a cluster differ from at least one other member by fewer than 100 SNVs). Clusters comprising isolates from multiple countries are shown. Unk unknown. aPairwise SNV count; for clusters of size > 2 genomes the range and mean are shown. bCambodian isolate COMRU-KPN-BC-2015-7 differs from each of the Laos isolates by 67–96 SNVs. cIndian isolate BA12537 differs from each of the Nepalese isolates by 81–202 SNVs. dICEKp10 carries ybt and clb