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Table 2 Immunogenicity of candidate gene-derived peptides in CD8+ T cell priming assays

From: Integrative -omics and HLA-ligandomics analysis to identify novel drug targets for ccRCC immunotherapy

ProteinPeptideHLA restrictionaNumber of positive tumors (%)ImmunogenicPositive population
ANGPTL4AQNSRIQQLFB*154 (7.3)Yes0.75%
AQNSRIQQLB*153 (5.5)Yes1.19%
EGLN3FLLSLIDRLA*029 (16.4)Yes0.11%
MPLGHIMRLB*07, B*08, B*35, B*51, B*538 (14.5)Yes0.37%
EAKKKFRNLB*081 (1.8)Yes0.13%
YVKERSKAMB*081 (1.8)Yes0.10%
SLIDRLVLYB*153 (5.5)Yes0.48%
VQPSYATRYB*153 (5.5)No
NNMTSQILKHLLB*083 (5.5)Yes0.49%
AESQILKHLLB*40, B*444 (7.3)Yes0.41%
P4HA2AEKELVQSLB*40, B*41, B*445 (9.1)No
  1. aHLA restrictions for which the immunogenicity of the respective peptide was tested are marked in bold