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Table 1 Results of pathway and functional analysis in ARIC discovery meta-analysis and TFAM knockout methylation and expression datasets with combined P value and ARIC P value < 0.05. TFAM integrated (INT) P value represents combined methylation and expression results. Combined P value represents combined ARIC and TFAM methylation and expression results

From: Mitochondrial DNA copy number can influence mortality and cardiovascular disease via methylation of nuclear DNA CpGs

   ARIC P value TFAM METH P value TFAM RNA P value TFAM INT P value Combined pathway P value (ARIC, TFAM-METH, TFAM-RNA)
A. KEGG pathways sorted by combined P value
Pathway Name      
path:hsa04080 Neuroactive ligand receptor interaction 5.24E−12 4.41E−04 4.30E−04 8.77E−06 8.96E−16
path:hsa05033 Nicotine addiction 8.99E−04 6.30E−05 9.32E−04 7.72E−06 1.61E−08
path:hsa04024 cAMP signaling pathway 1.29E−05 2.32E−02 2.23E−01 3.25E−01 1.03E−05
path:hsa04614 Renin-angiotensin system 1.04E−05 5.11E−02 1.00E+ 00 1.00E+ 00 6.37E−05
path:hsa04723 Retrograde endocannabinoid signaling 1.89E−04 1.84E−02 1.56E−01 3.66E−03 6.48E−05
path:hsa05032 Morphine addiction 1.26E−02 4.38E−02 5.15E−02 1.40E−03 1.88E−03
path:hsa05031 Amphetamine addiction 3.54E−02 9.64E−02 4.23E−01 1.19E−01 4.18E−02
path:hsa04724 Glutamatergic synapse 1.80E−02 9.49E−02 1.00E+ 00 1.00E+ 00 4.73E−02
B. GO pathways sorted by combined P value
Function Name      
GO:0007267 Cell-cell signaling 1.42E−03 1.71E−05 1.19E−02 1.42E−02 7.63E−08
GO:0099537 Trans-synaptic signaling 1.88E−03 1.06E−05 6.27E−02 1.92E−02 2.89E−07
GO:0099536 Synaptic signaling 1.88E−03 1.08E−05 6.34E−02 1.92E−02 2.97E−07
GO:0007268 Chemical synaptic transmission 1.88E−03 2.22E−05 6.05E−02 1.87E−02 5.47E−07
GO:0098916 Anterograde trans-synaptic signaling 1.88E−03 2.22E−05 6.05E−02 1.87E−02 5.47E−07
GO:0099095 Ligand-gated anion channel activity 4.30E−02 8.02E−04 1.23E−04 3.74E−07 8.74E−07
GO:0045202 Synapse 1.98E−04 9.81E−05 2.74E−01 5.92E−03 1.07E−06
GO:0045211 Postsynaptic membrane 8.33E−03 1.03E−04 1.45E−01 6.19E−04 1.78E−05