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Table 1 Summary of clinical information of all cases harboring 13q12.2 focal amplification

From: Cell-free DNA analysis reveals POLR1D-mediated resistance to bevacizumab in colorectal cancer

Patient IDDisease stage (TC)Disease stage (PC)LocationcM (TC)cM (PC)TBC (months)Detection*
C74IV BIV BRectumM1M122.8Yes
C95II AIV BLeft flexureM0M143.4NA
C109III BIV BRectumM0M1101.7Yes
C110IV AIV BColon ascendingM1M10.7NA
C118IV BIV BColon sigmoidM0M122.9No
C123III BIV BColon sigmoidM0M176.5Yes
C129IIV BColon sigmoidM0M1121.3NA
C166IV AIV AColon transverseM1M10.7No
C178III CIV BCecumM0M15.4Yes
C206III BIII BRectumM0M07.6No
C240III BIV BColon sigmoidM0M179.9No
  1. The age range of the 14 patients was 45–81 years (mean = 60.7 years, median = 51 years), 36% were female, and 64% were male. TC tissue collection, PC plasma collection, TBC time to first blood collection after diagnosis
  2. *13q12.2 SCNA found in primary tissue; +13q12.2 SCNA was not detected in the first blood draw in patient C216